Overview :

Kids Birthday Parties

We all remember that one special kids Birthday party, so we want to do the same for our own children. Champions Kids Birthday Parties make this happen!  Right from entry into our birthday area, your child is made to feel special and comfortable.

Your entire 2.5 hour event is completely supervised by friendly, highly trained staff who will ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone is involved and having fun.

Our venue at Champions provides lots of interlinked yet separately spacious room, pool with water slide play area and more, completely reserved for your party. Our Champions venue is exclusively booked out to just you!   The venues have paint and chalk activity areas along with space for games and crafty fun!

There is a separate rooms for eating with plenty of space for all the children to sit together around a low level table while their party food is fully catered for and served by our police cleared staff.  

Most party packages include a hand print canvas painted to the color of your choice for the birthday boy or girl as a keepsake of their special day, along with pre-planned craft projects for everyone to create and take home. We have lots and lots lots of games.

Kiddie Meal Packages

OPTION 1 Php 390 per pax
Chicken Fingers
French fries or Mojos
1 stick kiddie sausage with marsmallow
Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread
Steamed rice
Frozen fruit salad / Iced Tea or Orange Juice
OPTION 2 Php 390 per pax
2 pcs barbeque on stick
Corn on the cob
1 stick kiddie sausage with marsmallow
Fettuccine carbonara with garlic bread
Steamed rice
Frozen fruit salad / Iced Tea or Orange Juice
OPTION 3 Php 450 per pax
2 pcs mini burger
French fries or Mojos
1 stick kiddie sausage with marsmallow
Spaghetti with meatballs with garlic bread
buttered vegetable
Steamed rice
Mixed fruits with maple syrup / Iced Tea or Orange Juice
OPTION 4 Php 450 per pax
Chicken barbeque
2 pcs bbq on stick
1 stick kiddie sausage with marsmallow
spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread
french fries or mojos
steamed rice
Window cathedral gelatin / Iced tea or orange juice

Adult Birthday Party


There are countless Champions birthday party ideas for adults.. but the only bar that you can celebrate with drinks and live band that will keep you dancing is Champions, we host the best fun and entertaining birthday parties in the Philippines that will keep your birthday party singing, dancing, and drinking all night. Prepare yourself it’s time to party at Champions.

Ready to celebrate your Champions birthday party? We have different options for birthday parties ranging from table reservations to “Jump the Line” packages to semiprivate/private space reservations. To reserve one or many tables, even an entire section, or to learn what other birthday party options Champions offers please fill up the form on the side! Our Friendly staff would be happy to decorate your table or area and make your Champions birthday party festive. We’ll bring the birthday girl or boy down to the stage to celebrate with the whole Bar! If you wish to bring along a cake or any additional decorations you are welcome to. If you have any other ideas, please let us know! We are dedicated to being your favorite birthday party place in Champions.

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